Integral Practice Group

Monday October 30, 2017, 7PM

Inspired by the work of Ken Wilber's Integral theory, we have started an ongoing, practice group to come together to meet, connect, and practice and help one another grow and develop.


For us, the Integral vision points to the ongoing potential to learn and grow and develop at our leading edge, continually more embodied within all our dimensionality, complexity and depth.


Our intention is to maintain a safe space for group practice, exploration, insight, and for each of us to gain awareness into our varied strengths and weaknesses, and places where we are all more or less aware. We are aiming to bring the concepts of Integral Theory to a practical familiarity, so we can work with them in the world. We use a combination of group discussion, triad practice, meditations, and other activities tailor-made to support the exploration.


The group is for beginners as well as people very familiar with integral theory, and for meditators, yogis, and practitioners from all traditions, faiths, and paths to come together to learn and grow, share and practice together. Integral theory serves as a resource and map to guide our understanding and to point out ways of seeing and places to look.


There will be a suggested donation of $10 to cover the cost of space rental.


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Integral Love with Martin Ucik

Monday, October 23, 2017, 7PM


Martin Ucik is a skilled facilitator, who offers his Integral Relationship events worldwide, and is visiting Integral New York to share insights from his new book Integral Love: Why Co-Creation and Procreation Matter. The evening will be an interactive exploration of love relationships through the integral framework, and will include a presentation, paired exercises, and a Q&A.


Topics will include how we can meet our partner or date at his or her current level of consciousness, exploration of spiritual, sexual, and anima/animus complex development, and how to balance and harmonize feminine and masculine polarities at the level of all seven chakras to learn, heal, grow, and awaken together in relationship.


Martin will also discuss how sharing our genetically predispositioned natural purpose to create more goodness, truth, beauty, and function allows couples to move from asymmetrical transactional master-slave relationships to symmetrical transcendental Love relationships that provide the foundation for a peaceful and sustainable future for all humanity.


Evening Schedule:

7pm – Welcoming

7:10pm – Entertaining Presentation and short, paired exercises

8:30 - Q&A

9:45 – Close


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Dance Your Demons

Monday, November 20, 2017, 7PM

'm excited to introduce Dance Your Demons with Tara Harper to the NYC Integral community! Open to all.


A profound and compassionate embrace of our human experience, including the shadow or disowned self, is an important aspect of integral practice. In shadow, habits and beliefs run like an invisible operating system. This takes valuable energy - energy that we need for our creative expression, passionate work, vibrant health and very importantly to stabilize and abide as our highest expressions of ourselves.


Inviting the hidden parts of self to show themselves so that we can not only acknowledge them, but relate to them and even walk or move around in their perspective, instigates a transformational friction that releases us from their grip.


During this session we will have an opportunity to use a movement practice to creatively engage with shadow. Dance Your Demons is a cathartic as well as tender and all embracing shadow practice. It could be seen as a movement 3-2-1 Process.


No prior dance experience is required. There is also no need to worry about how you'll look dancing, because in this practice we wear blindfolds to both engage our imagination and provide anonymity, while remaining in the support of a shared group intention. Also no one will be asked or expected to go beyond their own willingness in this practice. Comfortable clothing is suggested. Two powerful premises are at work in Dance Your Demons. The first is based in movement therapy - that when we move in ways that we are not accustomed to, patterns of how we think and feel are revealed. As an example, yoga uses asana to assist us in facing our embodied energetic blocks.


The second is based in transpersonal psychology – that which we are in conscious relationship with, transforms.


Dance Your Demons is guided, yet allows for the spontaneity that coaxes the hidden out of the shadows into our awareness. By consciously relating to our demons, they become our most dedicated servants, teachers, and guides. Rather than running our lives, the shadow enrichens in a truly vibrant “transcend and include” embodied embrace of all that you are.


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